Lagioia and Klein is a one of a kind experience.  Unlike most made to measure services, every part of the process of making a custom garment is done completely in house. From the measurements to the cutting of the fabric, from construction of the garment to fittings to the final steps, everything is done by one person in the very shop you have your measurements taken.

The shop offers a range of alteration services in addition to working on custom made garments.  A selection of only the best fabrics are kept in store for you to see and feel before choosing one for your next suiting garment.


Here at Lagioia and Klein we do not hide the process of suit making from the customer. In the same room you can sit, look at fabrics, have an espresso and watch the process of a suit being made.  You can see the canvas used in the chest and collar, the process by which a buttonhole is sewn by hand, or the process of a garment being marked and cut from the cloth.  The traditions and craft of a truly bespoke suit has been kept alive in this shop and pridefully displayed to you the customer.

About Nicholas Klein:


Nicholas Klein’s career as a tailor began in university.  While studying, he filled his free time with an apprenticeship under Giovanni Lagioia in a local tailor shop.  He would spend his spare afternoons and weekends working under Giovanni, learning the trade.  It wasn’t long before Nic purchased his own machines and began practicing at home when not at school or the shop.  As the years passed, Nic’s passion for the trade grew.  Under the masterful hands of Giovanni, Nic learned how to take measurements, cut and construct a range of garments, from shirts to pants, suits and even coats.

The name Lagioia and Klein serves to always remember the master tailor who inspires and taught Nic all he knows and all he brings to the shop each and every day.

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