Bespoke Garments

What is a Bespoke garment?


The word bespoke refers to a process  by which something is crafted particularly for an individual .  It indicated that this item was made uniquely for that individual and has certain qualities that fit only to that person, either in physical appearance or functionality.

Here at Lagioia and Klein, every item made is truly bespoke.  The selection of fabrics available in store hail from the very best mills in Italy and include labels such as Loro Piana, Ermenegildo Zegna, and Vitale Barberis Canonico.   The measurements taken are translated into chalk marked patterns on the fabric.  This pattern is then cut out and stitched together for a fitting.

It is at this point that any adjustments are made to the fit of the garment.  The process of making a bespoke suit involves a hefty amount of hand sewing.  Stitching by hand allows the fabric to be shaped to the contours of the client in a way that machine stitching can never match.  Details such as buttonholes, collars, and topstitching are all done by hand.


This process creates a garment that some have called a “second skin” due to the level of comfort and fit achieved. There is nothing quite like a properly tailored suit.  The fact that the suit is entirely bespoke allows for a level of customization that is designed around you, not a checklist of options.

If you are interested in learning about the process of having a bespoke garment crafted for yourself, please contact us for an appointment or for further information.

Nicholas Klein – Owner and Tailor of Lagioia and Klein

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